Pittsburgh Marble Polishing and Stone Restoration

     How is your marble looking?  Do you have “water spots” that will not clean up?  Or is it now dull?  There are many beautiful things about marble.  Such as, that these problems can be fixed.  And that is where a marble polishing Pittsburgh company like us can help you out.  

     If you have a marble floor, counter, furniture top, or shower we can help you.  And if it is something other than those, we can probably help you too.  

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Marble Makeover by Clean Interiors is an owner-operated company that services both residential and commercial specialty stone floors in Pittsburgh.  Call us to speak with Dan or Jen and set up an appointment for an estimate.  412-414-3828

Marble Floors

Abrasions from normal traffic scuffs up marble floors over time, causing that beautiful shine you loved when they were first installed to slowly disappear.  Restoration can bring the beauty back to your Marble, Limestone, Onyx, or Travertine floor.  And you can be proud of your floor once again.  So contact Clean Interiors for your stone floor refinishing.

Marble Counters

Marble counters in kitchens and bathrooms also get scratches from use, and chemical etching from acidic spills (often mistaken as “water marks”).  Restoration can not only bring the counters back to a shine, but can protect them from damage.  Clean Interiors can help with your Pittsburgh Marble Polishing needs.

Granite Counters

Granite is a very hard stone, much harder than marble.  Although it’s shine can last a lot longer than marble, over time it can need restoration to correct roughness and bring back it’s shine.

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How to maintain your natural stone!

Below is our recommendations for cleaners, and tips for cleaning too: For Natural Stone Showers: Kit: Soap Film Remover, Mildew Remover, & Natural Stone cleaner (mb-5): Instructions for regular weekly cleaning: Walls (from floor to about chest-level) and floors should be sprayed with the soap film remover, and scrubbed with a non-abrasive brush. Then rinse…

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The most beautiful granite floor you will ever see! But it needed some help

This granite floor in Washington Pa is just breathtaking. But no matter how hard the homeowner and staff tried they just could not get it to look clean. After a deep cleaning from clean interiors, and a special process just for granite this floor turned out amazing. The floor has a polished granite, honed granite,…

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Pittsburgh marble refinishing cleaning and sealing

We have a new youtube video featuring some of our work in Pittsburgh from 2013. Spring is coming soon and we are ready for all of your stone care needs. From cleaners to full restorations we are here for you. 412-414-3838 Our Service area Includes: 15143, 15010, 15071, 15108, 15122, 15123, 15201, 15202, 15203, 15204,…

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Marble polishing Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh marble stone refinishing Our Service area Includes: 15143, 15010, 15071, 15108, 15122, 15123, 15201, 15202, 15203, 15204, 15205, 15206, 15207, 15208, 15209, 15210, 15211, 15212, 15213, 15214, 15215, 15216, 15217, 15218, 15219, 15220, 15221, 15222, 15223, 15224, 15225, 15226, 15227, 15228, 15229, 15230, 15231, 15232, 15233, 15234, 15235, 15236, 15237, 15238, 15239, 15240, 15241,…

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Quick Reference Stone Cleaning Guide

Quick Reference Stone Cleaning Guide From Our Friends at MB Stone Here are the basics for keeping your natural stone surfaces looking and performing their very best!   1) FLOORS You can vacuum your marble but some vacuums can scratch your marble so please don’t vacuum your floors with out carefully inspecting your vacuum. Dust-mop…

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Granite cleaner and mineral deposits tip

MB-5 Marble, Granite and more Spray cleaner is ideal for effortlessly cleaning your stone countertops in pittsburgh without leaving any streaks, as well as gilded fixtures, mirrors and other delicate surfaces. Order yours here: Helpful Tips: If there are mineral deposits on your granite countertops around the faucet areas making the granite dull it can…

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Help I have soap scum/soap film in my shower! How can I restore my shower in Pittsburgh?

Natural stone and ceramic tile showers in Pittsburgh can be plagued with soap scum and mildew. This can seem like a losing battle and consumer products just don’t seem to cut it. Even worse if you clean your natural stone shower with the wrong cleaner — you could do thousands of dollars of damage to…

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What do people in Pittsburgh have to say about Clean Interiors: Pittsburgh Marble Polishing and Restoration?

Below are some reviews of Clean Interiors Marble Polishing work: This is a video review of a job we did in Downtown Pittsburgh. David‎ – Dec 27, 2011  I had my antique marble floor restored in my shop in Downtown Pittsburgh. Dan and Jen did a spectacular job. The floor had been neglected for some…

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The best care and maintenance for your natural stone in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Marble Maintenance Tips 1: Furniture Soft stone, such as marble, limestone, and many variations of slate are rarely used (do not buy) as counter tops in a kitchen.  These stones tend to scratch easily and they react with acid, leaving unsightly dull or light patches called “etching.”   Soft stones require more maintenance and care. You will mostly see…

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